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Master Temps help companies fill various types of temporary positions. All you have to do is request extra help when the workload for your company increases and you are unable to meet with your existing staff.


If you operate business, you may not have a human resource department to review applications, interview candidates, and negotiate salaries. All these activities take time away from the other responsibilities you have in running your business. For these reasons, it may be advantageous for you to partner with Master Temps.


The advantage of using an on-demand online platform is that the vetted workers are available when the demand is high. For workers, they do not have to commit to one particular company. The worker can also remain in control of their time. They make more money and can boost their resume.


On-demand workers are not employees of the companies where they work. Most companies find this attractive because Master Temps shoulders all the legal responsibility for the worker. Therefore, your company receives the benefits of having more workers without risk.


The job market has become more competitive. Applicants have more skill sets, education, and work experience. Therefore, the hiring process may take longer. When you use Master Temps, you can hire faster and don’t have to worry about losing trained qualified applicants to competitive companies.


Only pay for jobs we fill. Pricing is transparent and doesn’t include any hidden fee’s or upfront costs. You know what you will be getting without any surprises.

The Benefits of Master Temps Payrolling Services:

Our ready to work temporary staff can help in a wide range of verticals including (but not limited to):

  • Administrative Staffing (Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Coordinators, Receptionists)
  • Finance Staffing & Recruiting (Bookkeeping, Accounting & Auditing)
  • Operations Staffing & Recruiting (Operations Directors, Operations Managers, Office Managers, Assistants)
  • Human Resources Staffing & Recruiting (HR Directors, Managers, Recruiters, Assistants)
  • Marketing & Digital Staffing & Recruiting (Managers, Product, Web / Interactive, Coordinators, Assistants)
  • Communications & PR (Managers, Editors, Assistants)
  • Customer Service/Help-desk (App Service Reps, CSR’s, Tech Support)
  • IT & Engineering Staffing & Recruiting (Contract IT, Architects, Engineers, Developers, Database)
  • Creative Staffing (Creative Directors, UI/UX, Product/Apparel Design, Graphic Design)
  • Design Staffing (Directors, Product Designers, Web & Interactive)
  • Supply Chain Staffing (Category Management, Supply Chain Managers, Merchandisers)
  • Sales Staffing (Managers, Assistants, Representatives)
  • Healthcare & Medical Staffing (Administration, Nurses, Medical Billers, Coders, Support)
  • Legal Staffing (Attorneys, Paralegals, Support Staff)
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Staffing (Specialties and Office Staff)
  • Event Staffing Services (Corporate Events, Conventions and, Trade Shows)
  • Other Specialties (Data, Research, Startup, Financial Services and more)